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This is a course I wish I could have taken as an emergency medicine registrar. At the end of my emergency and ICU training, I did a year’s paediatric critical care rotation including paeds emergency, neonatal ICU, paediatric ICU, and neonatal & paediatric retrieval medicine. After that I worked as a consultant in the UK where I took the lead for paediatrics in our ED.
Until I did that training I thought there was a mystique to paediatrics that was beyond my grasp, so I wanted to try and capture as many of the things I’d learned and deliver them in a fun and interesting way in a single day. The coolest thing about the course is that it’s co-directed by Dr Phil Hyde, a full time paediatric intensivist who is also an incredible trauma doc and HEMS physician. Just like some paediatric patients, Phil has great scalp veins for cannulation. The day is entirely case-based, and includes child development, resuscitation & critical care, acute medical problems, prescribing, problems in newborns and infancy, procedural sedation, social,legal & ethical issues, and paediatric trauma.
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Here the faculty of four boil down the science behind surviving, enjoying, and mastering emergency medicine / critical care. College of EM ex-president Mike Clancy, emergency physician / intensivist / HEMS doctor Louisa Chan, paediatric intensivist / HEMS doctor Phil Hyde, and Sydney based emergency physician and retrieval medicine doc Cliff Reid break the day into three sections – managing yourself, managing your colleagues, and managing your patients. They discuss cases that illustrate the multiple challenges of our job and ways to overcome them. You will hear stories that expose the skeletons in the closets of the presenters, and how you can avoid similar traps. Every tale has a clinical and a non-clinical learning point, and the non-technical and psychological tips and explanations are packaged in an evidence-based toolkit that you can start applying straight away to get more out of your work – and possibly your life.
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This is all about advanced resuscitation. Designed for emergency medicine trainees and consultants, this one day course covers every aspect of intensive care medicine an emergency physician should know in order to get a resus room patient ready for ICU. We cover RSI in detail, ventilation, inotropes, neuroprotection, sepsis, and a bit of major trauma. It’s perfect for those who haven’t done an ICU job or for those who did it a while ago. Acute and general medicine trainees and consultants as well as anaesthetists have attended and highly commended the course. Check out a detailed course program