GOLDen Educational Opportunity!

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SMACC was my all-time favourite conference ever. Its sequel, smaccGOLD, promises to be even better, as you’ll see from the program

The smaccGOLD online registration goes live this Monday 16th September at 8am in Sydney

This will be 11pm Sunday 15th in London, and 6pm Sunday 15th in New York

Make sure you don’t miss your chance to register for the best critical care conference ever!

Also check out the preconference workshops – a jawdropping line-up of medical masters covering everything you’d want to learn. The only difficult part is deciding what you won’t go to! Places are limited and expected will sell out quickly. Registration is on a first come basis.

Hopefully we’ll see you there.

smaccGOLD is a not-for-profit venture and I receive no payment for any participation in the conference or its promotion

Magnificant Flying Machine

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from the New Scientist site:

“It’s not a bird or a plane: it’s an unusual flying object that propels itself by flipping inside out. Created by engineers at Festo in Esslingen, Germany, the floating band filled with helium takes on different shapes while expanding and contracting to generate thrust and move through the air.

Go to New Scientist to read more

Curiosity Has Landed

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Teamwork, imagination, planning, dedication and some good hard science and engineering make me proud to be human

An inspiring demonstration of spirit

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I can’t imagine what it was like to go through what Fred Ettish went through. I remember being stunned at the overwhelming failure of his Karate in one of the early UFC fights in the mid-nineties, and gave no thought to the man inside the gi. I may even have been one of the viewers who felt some Schadenfreude at the apparent humiliation of traditional karate by Western boxing.

Now I see this man in a different light. Someone who has lost almost almost everything, yet refused to give in. I have no idea how I would react to such adversity, and never want to be tested in such a way. For an inspiring demonstration of spirit, watch this video that brought a tear to my eye. At around two minutes in you will see this is not about martial arts. This is about courage and strength and there is something to learn here for all of us.

Not a pin cushion

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This is the daughter of my friend. Avery is only seven months old and has survived a critical illness and is thankfully now fully recovered. Her Dad has nothing but praise for the medical and nursing staff who cared for her. But one thing could have been better. Avery endured multiple attempts at vascular access without ultrasound guidance.

If you were her parent, and you were an emergency physician with galaxy-class expertise in emergency ultrasound, how would you react? Complaints? Incident forms? Outrage?

How about education? For free. Accompanied by lavish praise for the experts who treated Avery and made her better.

Avery’s Dad is ultrasound podcaster and gentleman Dr Matt Dawson. He is offering FREE ultrasound training to anyone who wants to improve their vascular access skills.

Are there nurses, physicians, or technicians in your ED or ICU that could improve their care with this training? Please consider sending them for this training. To register for the course, and to read Avery’s full story, go to

And if you’re already comfortable with ultrasound-guided vascular access, then visit the site anyway, as there is some education here for all of us: how to turn a gut-wrenchingly distressing experience into something positive that will benefit countless others. I am thoroughly inspired.

Best wishes to an amazing family.


Yosemite Time Lapse

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Made by photographer Shawn Reeder, with music by Shaun Paul.

From the The Atlantic

Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher

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I am stunned by the beauty and brilliance of this video by Spanish filmmaker Cristóbal VilaInspirations: A Short Film Celebrating the Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher.

M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was the Dutch artist who explored a wide range of mathematical ideas with his woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints.

The cool bloggers at write: Although Escher had no formal training in mathematics beyond secondary school, many mathematicians counted themselves as admirers of his work.


INSPIRATIONS from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.




If you want to well up further with rapturous contemplation of the beauty of mathematics in nature, check out his other video, Nature by Numbers

Nature by Numbers from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

Water propelled jet pack

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More information from the New Scientist Website

Quantum levitation

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The explanation for this amazing effect, involving superconductivity and magnetic fields, is here. I don’t really understand it.

Message from Dr Doug Lynch

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Blogging of recent resuscitation literature has got a bit behind this week thanks to my pre-occupation with training new Helicopter Emergency Medical Service physicians

I would like to share with you a message I received via email from a fellow EM/critical care doctor, the poetry of which touched me. I have Dr Lynch’s permission to reproduce it here (hyperlinks added by me). If you’re a doctor, paramedic, nurse, military medic, or any other hard-working link in the chain of resuscitation, I hope you are as inspired as I am by Dr Lynch’s reflections:

Hello there Dr Reid,

My name is Doug Lynch.

I’m an advanced trainee of too many Australasian generalist medical colleges (ACRRM, ACEM, CICM) and a perpetual student. (a bit like Chris Nickson without the intellect or talent)

I’ve completed a M.P.H.&T.M. (JCU), GC Emergency Health (Aeromedical Retrieval) (Monash) and a PGC Disaster Management & Refugee Health (JCU).

I work at present in Anaesthetics in outer metropolitan Melbourne (Getting a JCCA qualification) and as a locum with Adult Retrieval Victoria having been their first registrar a few years back.

Im not writing to ask you for a job! I’m off to work with Minh Le Cong et al in Cairns next year.

I’ve been benefitting from your website and I really wanted to say THANK YOU.

I was particularly moved to write to you after hearing the second part of the interview you did some time back with the remarkable Dr Weingart, in particular the comments you made about your Podcast.

I have also searched around the world for the sort of mentors you spoke of and they are few and far between.

I didn’t find them.

It was only after getting disillusioned and demotivated in emergency medicine that I started to look into ICU, anaesthetics etc for something else.

It was the government directives, the protocols and the attempts to fix a failing Primary Care system in the ED that tired me out.

I still think ED Critical Care is the best job in the world.

The most important job in my world is now my two kids but coming in a close second is this medicine business.

I would really like to lend my support to your aim to try to help plug the hole in the ED happiness bucket.

I enjoy the work you do.

You deserve some seriously positive feedback from people like me. I hope you find time to develop your podcast idea.

I think you are on to something.

I think that this touches on the philosophical.

What we do is not just about the mechanics of life, the continuation of life…its about the joy of life and our own joie de vivre.

I find a beauty in it all.

I see nobility in the dying and the stripped bare inner strength of their loved ones.

I see the battle weary ED night shifters stepping out into the dawn eyes shielded.

I see modern heroes.

Enough of all the flowery language.

If ever you run a course in Australia I would like to come along.

I think I will go and look at some of your pictures of celestial bodies to lighten things up.

Keep it up.

Doug Lynch

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